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Fort Fetterman Sportsman's Association

Dates for returning your old key and getting the new one are as follows:

June 17, Monday, 5-6:30pm, Douglas Library Main floor conference room (just before the general meeting at 6:30pm)
June 25, Tuesday, 4-6pm, Douglas Library 2nd floor study room 
July 2, Tuesday, Noon-1pm Douglas Library 2nd floor study room
July 15, Monday, 5-6:30pm, Douglas Library Main floor conference room
July 24, Wednesday, 5-6pm Douglas Library 2nd floor study room

Please log in and renew online.  At the end of the renewal process, print or save the invoice. Bring cash or check with your invoice when you come to exchange your key. Keys will be exchanged at times above and each regular meeting date. The option of paying by secure credit-card transaction HAS NOT BEEN ACTIVATED, please do not mail a check since you can bring it with you when you exchange your key.

The next meeting is Monday, July 15th

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Range Hours:

The range may only be used during daylight hours; defined from ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.

Range Location:

From Richards and 4th Street intersection, head south on 4th until you see a road (Robin Lane) on right that crosses the RR tracks. Turn right, cross tracks, take first left on to Irvine Road, continue 4.5 miles. Gates 1 and 2 are on the right (west).


From June 1 to May 31 each year; fees are not pro-rated.

New Members = $60

Annual Renewals = $50



All members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings. Regular club meetings are on the third Monday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Converse County Library in Douglas.

Contact Us:
Email or text/phone 307-259-6632 to get more information.  Since we get more ROBO-CALLS than actual calls the phone is not answered without your message.  Please text or leave voicemail, we will try to respond as quickly as we can.



If we need to arrange extra dates for issuing keys, we will attempt to contact folks by group email to let you know when we are available.  Please use the website to complete your application online.  If you are receiving emails then you are in our database, so you can login even if you have never tried it before.  Just find "lost password" and enter your email address, that will give you access to login and complete the renewal process online.

We will set times when we have several folks to meet if at all feasible.  Meeting will be at the library during regular hours.  There is an area that has open tables toward the rear entrance to the library, so use the parking lot and come in past the restrooms.  We will be at one of those tables at the appointed time.

PO BOX 843

Douglas, WY 82633


(leave voicemail or text)