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Activity and Meeting Summaries

From the meeting on April 15, 2024
  • A motion to postpone vote for officers pending a special board meeting within 90 days to discuss club organization.  Current officers will be retained.
  • Clean-up day will occur on Saturday, June 1st beginning at 8am.
  • Plan for KEY ISSUE – Saturday, June 1st on afternoon of Clean-Up Day. Claire will determine additional dates that will accommodate railroad and mine schedules.  Please contact her (307) 259-6632 so that she can get a good plan for shift workers.  We will publish on the website and send emails out once dates are established.
  • Grant application (Bid request was cut to $65K after a special meeting of the board.  This amount would cover just the fencing and gate operators.  The electronic key access is postponed until next year’s grant cycle.)

From the meeting on January 15, 2024


We had a discussion about Civilian Marksmanship Program - CMP Membership.  Frank and Dale discussed the requirements and potential benefits to the club.  Two of the main issues raised were that none of our board members are currently Range Safety Officers (RSO) and CMP requires that each affiliate club be able to support at least one type of CMP event or activity.  We recognize the benefit to the public, but for now we cannot comply with CMP requirements.  Dale noted that there are other groups not far from Douglas that are able to help individuals if they want to purchase military equipment.  (SEE BELOW)
In the meantime our club will continue working on building infrastructure and member involvement so that we can support CMP affiliation in the future.

Converse County 4-H
Distance: 38.93 miles
47 South Badger Road
Rolling Hills, WY  82637
Platte County 4-H Shooting Sports
Distance: 82.24 miles
57 Antelope Gap Road
Wheatland, WY  82201

A full report from Frank Kelley is posted HERE:  CMP Affiliation Questions and Report.

Gate Security Committee meeting January 8, 2024


We are looking to upgrade and automate our key-based gate entry to an electronic system. Recently we met to discuss features and options that suit our needs and sent out several requests to local companies hoping for some good competition for our project. We hope to have bids from a few providers by mid-February.


If you are aware of other providers that may be interested in our project, please contact us at


Stories from the meeting on November 20, 2023


Work began to bring power to the range in early November.  Electricity to gates one and two has been completed.  Rocky Mountain Power has billed us and payment was issued utilizing funds from the Converse County Aid To Others grant.  The contractor has billed us for the road bore and connecting power to both gates, we have submitted the invoice to the county for reimbursement with grant funds.  This is the first step to providing KEYLESS entry to the range. The goal is to provide better convenience for members to renew each year.

The next step is to determine which gating system will be employed, a committee will be meeting to discuss options and prepare for the grant request for next year.  Any people that have skills or experience in electronic gate systems, or any interest in being involved in the project are encouraged to respond to the email that we will send out.  A committee is forming and will meet either in person at the Converse County Library or by Zoom this winter.

Any interest by individuals to know more about a proposal to bring a State Shooting Complex to Converse County.  (NOTE: not on FFSA property!)  Please contact Aaron Lore for more information.  See articles on our News page for some background.

Another committee that needs additional input is the maintenance and design of the 100-yard range project.  If anyone has experience that will help us, we are looking for additional folks to share the load.  Our goal is to work on ideas that will address all the input concerns that have been brought up.  First, we need to replace the existing concrete because it is unsafe.  Second, many folks expressed that having a roof or cover is not always desirable, while others want some protection from sun and rain.  A design that meets these needs halfway may be the best solution.  There has also been some discussion of building a “warm room” that can be heated and perhaps adjusting the size or location of berms.  These ideas, if approved may be implemented over time, but the plans must allow for some future additions.  We currently have three folks on the committee and would welcome more volunteers to research, write, review, and submit proposals to the board.  Dale Winkley will be the point of contact for submission of proposals.

We’d like to begin work with two additional committees in December, for elections and scholarships, both committees need to be active and ready prior to the April meeting.  

Elections this season will be for the offices of Vice President and Treasurer.  The current board members are willing to continue in office, but nominations will also be accepted.  The rule is that members must attend each meeting in January, February, and March to be eligible for office.  The intention of this rule is to ensure that a nominee is familiar with the current activities of the club.

Finally, each year the club offers a scholarship to students and last year Candy ran the show by herself.  We notify the high schools and home school students directly and also through the Douglas Budget.  If there is another individual that is willing to help get the word out to Converse County students, please contact Candy Luhrsen.

PO BOX 843

Douglas, WY 82633


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