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The scoop on warning shots

Fort Fetterman Sportsman's Association | Published on 3/5/2024
Warning Shot for Self Defense ... is it a good idea?

Beyond the legal ramifications, firing warning shots is simply not an effective or safe way to stop a threat.

Warning shots are a risky proposition: They can escalate situations, endanger bystanders, and land you in legal trouble. Remember, we train to stop the threat, not warn it.
Being prepared is paramount: Understanding the potential dangers of the situation, and the means and the courage to defend yourself and your family.
Seeking professional training is crucial: Proper firearms training equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to handle threatening situations safely and effectively.
They can escalate the situation: A warning shot can anger or embolden an attacker, making them more likely to harm you or others.
They endanger bystanders: Bullets fired into the air can travel long distances and ricochet unpredictably, posing a serious risk to innocent people in the vicinity.
They are difficult to control: Even experienced shooters can miss their target under pressure, and an errant warning shot could have disastrous consequences.

Ex-Girlfriend’s Mother Shoots Ex-Boyfriend After He Fires Warning Shot
Luke McCoy by Luke McCoy  March 1, 2024

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