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Wyoming: Pro-Gun Bills Eligible for Floor Votes in Both Chambers

Fort Fetterman Sportsman's Association | Published on 3/9/2024
Three pro-gun bills are eligible for floor votes in the Wyoming legislature. On the Senate floor, House Bill 125, increases the number of places where gun owners could conceal carry by eliminating existing "gun free" zones, could be voted on as soon as today. Additionally, on the House floor Senate File 105, protecting firearm owner financial privacy and Senate File 73, allowing those who have had their rights restored to be eligible for concealed carry permits, are eligible for third reading and final votes.

House Bill 125
Senate File 105
Senate File 73

Please use the two Take Action buttons below to contact your Senator to SUPPORT HB 125 and your Representative to SUPPORT SB 105 and SB 73! 

Eligible for a Vote on the Senate Floor:

HB 125 would repeal gun-free zones and expand the number of places where law-abiding gun owners would be allowed to conceal carry. Concealed carry would be permitted in public schools, government meetings, and in legislative meetings. The bill increases the number of locations where law-abiding gun owners would be able to defend themselves.
Eligible for Votes on the House Floor:

SF 105 provides critical privacy protections on financial data for those purchasing firearms, firearm parts, and ammunition by prohibiting the use of firearm/ammunition specific merchant category codes throughout the state. The bill will prevent government entities and private corporations from collecting sensitive financial information from gun owners in Wyoming. Additionally, SF 105 provides remedies in cases where a financial institution violates provisions of the bill. To read more about the threat gun owners are facing surrounding their financial data and the use of merchant category codes, click here.

SF 73 amends eligibility requirements in Wyoming, by providing individuals who have had their firearm rights restored, the ability to qualify for a concealed carry permit. This legislation would support gun-owners who wish to fully exercise their Second Amendment rights.

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