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“Green wallet” will restrict YOUR choices...

Fort Fetterman Sportsman's Association | Published on 3/25/2024

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) proponents are now openly admitting the dangers about which we have been warning. But now, through a carefully designed marketing spin, the companies programming digital dollars for the world’s central banks are touting those dangers as inherent “benefits” of the system ... including restricting how users are allowed to spend their own money!


Joe Biden is racing forward with a CBDC, planning to replace cold hard cash with a financial surveillance and control scheme. Liberty Counsel is working with members of Congress to stop him. But we need YOUR help to raise the alarm. Read on. — Mat


Protect YOUR financial privacy and freedom! Demand Congress VOTE YES on HR 1122 and S 887.

Dr. Raoul Herborg is the managing director CBDC at G+D, a company that creates Central Bank Digital Currencies for countries around the globe.


Lately, it seems Mr. Herborg’s primary job is to convince you that all the financial spying and controls inherent to a CBDC are “benefits” we should embrace. Don’t believe these slick marketing lies.

Don’t let central bankers dictate how, where, and when you are allowed to spend your money.


When asked, “What CBDC use cases are you most excited about and why?” in a recent interview, Dr. Herborg responded, in part, “CBDC smart wallets could be used to promote national policies that help meet sustainability objectives, e.g., by issuing a ‘green’ wallet. This would act as an incentive for consumers to buy environmentally friendly products and services.”


Herborg’s response is telling. He is marketing government dictation of how people spend their money as a feature and benefit of CBDCs, ignoring the obvious and outrageous tyrannies to be imposed on how the consumer is allowed to use their own money.


The concept of a “green wallet” sounds lovely, I’m sure, to “climate change” fanatics. But as we have seen with those “climate change” activists, from former Vice President Al Gore to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, “rules” are for us and not for them. They insist on flying gas-guzzling private jets around the globe while demanding average people lower their thermostats and take public transportation.

Herborg’s company touts a host of other CBDC “benefits” as well, including:


  • “Central banks would be able to define policy rules that apply to all wallets — and cannot be changed ... including the fact that the central banks can limit the amount that can be held in any single wallet” (emphasis added).
  • Sweden and other European countries have already picked up on this idea and intend to not only cap wallet balances, but will also impose negative interest rates, financially penalizing people who dare accrue more savings than the government wants.
  • Companies would be able to program CBDCs to dictate how employees are allowed to use their own paychecks, including programming portions of the paycheck “solely for use by a company’s employees for the purchase of healthy food” (emphasis added).

These open admissions reveal that CBDC proponents believe it is imperative that consumers be forced into government-dictated behaviors. Such a concept is diametrically opposed to individual responsibility and freedom.


In March 2022, Joe Biden issued Executive Order 14067, in which the Biden administration ordered the Federal Reserve (the Fed) to begin developing a CBDC that will replace cold, hard (and uncontrollable) cash.


A CBDC in the hands of government spells doom for American liberty. Suddenly, politicians and government agents won’t simply “suggest” you follow their increasingly bizarre policies like replacing beef with bug protein or buying electric cars whose batteries poison the earth. With a CBDC, the government will be able to dictate these decisions by preventing you from using your own money to buy a steak or a tank of gas.


Americans have already experienced tyranny firsthand, thanks to COVID lockdowns and the planned destruction of the U.S. economy. We MUST NOT allow them to take the next step in financially enslaving Americans to their bizarre progressive policies. 

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